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We’re glad you asked! Tailored Hire was developed by a full-service recruiting firm – Murray Resources – to fill a gap in the marketplace between hiring a full-service recruiting firm and recruiting on your own.

Some of the reasons why companies utilize Tailored Hire:

  • You have an internal recruiting team, but are looking to expand your candidate reach beyond your usual pool.
  • You are missing one or more critical steps (ex: background checks, references, etc.) in your recruiting process.
  • You are looking to engage a company that utilizes best recruiting practices (ex: effective job descriptions, job offer letters).
  • You have identified a candidate on your own, but are seeking additional data / confirmation before hiring.

The chart below compares our three Tailored Hire packages versus a full-service service recruiter and going at it alone. Ready to get started? Please visit our Get Started / Pricing page to review and purchase one of our plans.

Tailored Hire Comparison Chart

    Tailored Hire
IncludesFull-Service RecruiterGoing at it AloneBasicProfessionalPremium
Cost per placement$10,000 to $35,000+Internal Resources$2,000$2,500$3,000
Posting to major job boards
1 job board

2 job boards

3 job boards
Reference checks
1 candidate

2 candidates

3 candidates
Resume screening
Candidates delivered to you
3-5 candidates

6-10 candidates

11-15 candidates
Pre-hire skills assessments
Pre-hire behavioral assessments
Job description
Job offer letter

We Write Your Job Description.

We Conduct Comprehensive Reference Checks.

We Post Your Job to Major Job Boards.

We Screen Resumes.

We Provide Pre-hire Skills & Behavioral Assessments.

We Provide a Job Offer Template.