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Tailored Hire offers a suite of recruiting services for companies seeking to enhance their current hiring efforts with tailored recruiting services designed to fit their unique needs. The team behind the award-winning, full-service recruiting firm Murray Resources recognized that there was a significant gap between the comprehensive services of a full service recruiting agency and the overwhelming challenge of going about the hiring process on your own.

Enter Tailored Hire. With Tailored Hire, your team can select from an a la carte menu of job postings, career assessments, reference checks, and background checks – or you can purchase a comprehensive package of services and lean completely on the Tailored Hire service for your recruiting needs.

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Tailored Hire allows you to select the part(s) of the recruiting process that fit your needs. Click on the appropriate tab below to learn more about the recruiting services you’re interested in.

An effective job description is more than just a job ad. Well-designed job descriptions motivate and inspire your target job candidate to apply to your role. If well-written, they also deter the majority of unqualified candidates from applying, saving you time and costly resources.

There are a number of key elements of an effective job description, including:

  • Compelling / accurate job title
  • Attention-grabbing introduction
  • Company background / story
  • Communication of the company’s unique culture
  • Desired accomplishments of the role
  • Description of what success looks like
  • Clear call to action

Interested in having Tailored Hire write your job description to attract your ideal candidate? Select the Job Description Writing option at the bottom of our Get Started / Pricing page.

Sourcing great candidates is the key to any successful recruiting process. What if you could expand your current sourcing efforts to tap into additional candidates who may not be applying to your jobs? With Tailored Hire, you can. Whether your company is building its sourcing process or has a well-developed system for finding great candidates, it’s critical that you’re casting a wide net and “fishing” in the right ponds. 

Tailored Hire’s sourcing solutions are perfect for expanding your company’s sourcing via any of our recruiting packages:

  • Basic package will post your job to one major job board (ex: Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, or Monster).
  • Professional package will post your job to two major job boards (ex: Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, or Monster).
  • Premium package will post your job to three major job boards (ex: Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, or Monster) plus post your job to plus post your job to Murray Resources’ company LinkedIn page.

For more information on each of the above packages, please visit our Get Started / Pricing page.

Resume Screening is one of the key elements of any strong recruiting process. The process of sorting through resumes to identify potential candidates for a role is one of the most time-consuming steps in any recruiting process. Hiring managers and recruiters know that, for most roles, over 75% of resumes they receive are unqualified. The result is lots of wasted time.

The Tailored Hire team sorts through resumes to assess a candidate’s education, skills, and experience in order to evaluate their potential match for a role. Once we’ve identified the top candidates, we pass them on to you to phone screen, interview, and complete your interview process.

For more information on where resume screening fits into our recruiting packages, please visit our Get Started / Pricing page.

Including pre-hire assessments in your recruiting process can help avoid costly hiring mistakes. What if you could assess the skills, strengths, motivations, and behaviors of potential hires before you hire them? With Tailored Hire, you can. Through Tailored Hire you’re able to tap into a comprehensive database of validated pre-hire behavioral and skills assessments for almost any role.

While pre-hire testing cannot predict with 100% accuracy who will succeed or fail in a position, as part of a comprehensive recruiting process, it can help prevent costly mistakes while identifying potential top performers. Most companies are now using one or more types of pre-hire testing, according to the following statistics from the American Management Association:

  • 7 out of 10 companies engage in some sort of job skill testing. Of these, 62 percent require that job applicants be tested, and 41 percent test their current employees.
  • 46 percent of companies use some form of psychological testing. Of these, 39 percent test job applicants and 31 percent test current employees.
  • 41 percent of companies test job applicants in basic literacy and/or math skills. More than one-third of job applicants tested lacked sufficient skills for the positions they sought.

For more information on where pre-hire assessments fit into our recruiting packages, please visit our Get Started / Pricing page.

Reference checks should be more than just a “rubber stamp”. Reference checks provide valuable third-party perspective and feedback on a candidate, which is often more enlightening than the candidate’s interviews themselves. Unfortunately, companies too often skip reference checks in their haste to hire.

The Importance of Conducting Reference Checks: 

  • A candidate’s past performance is often the best predictor of future performance.
  • Employers can learn about a candidate’s performance, behavior, and attitude – and can probe into particular areas of concern.
  • Employers can often avoid hiring a candidate who may not be a cultural fit.

We recommend conducting reference checks before a final decision is made about hiring a candidate. For more information on where reference checks fit into our recruiting packages, please visit our Get Started / Pricing page.

The Offer Letter is one of the last steps in the recruiting process, but should not be overlooked. A formal job offer letter confirms the details of employment, including the job title, salary, benefits, paid time-off, work schedule, and reporting structure. The letter may stipulate that the job offer is contingent on the successful completion of other steps in the recruiting process, such as passing a background check, reference checks, and/or drug tests. 

If you’re interested in having a job offer letter written for a position, our expert team can help. For more information on where job offer letters fit into our recruiting packages, please visit our Get Started / Pricing page.

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